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June is where we highlight Homeownership!

We have an exciting month lined up sharing valuable information for the aspiring homeowner and the current homeowner.

June 14, 2022 we will share resources regarding PROBATE! Many marginalized communities are faced with blighted and vacant homes impacted by the need to PROBATE! 

Our goal is to bring community awareness to the probate process while introducing programs and resources that are currently available to help heirs who have to go through the costly legal process of resolving title issues.

Our selected lenders will also share information on loan products that could help refinance the homes at they are released from probate! Join us for this critical information!

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June 18,2022:

We will hear from our Tax Collector Nancy Milan as we address the delinquent taxes and the ability to avoid delinquency by paying in installments ( if applicable).

Overview of the TRIM Notices and more!

We will also hear from our Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez as we discuss the current values of homes in  Hillsborough County, making certain we are taking advantage of our Homestead Exemptions and much more!

State of Homeowner's Insurance in Florida:

We will hear from Tamara Shamburger of Allstate Insurance to discuss Homeowner's Insurance in Florida!

Were you recently dropped from your carrier? Need help?

This workshop also includes resourceful information for ANYONE interested in Homeownership or Protecting the dream of Homeownership!

Our participating lender will share valuable information on the loan products available to purchase and to take advantage of a refinance in this market!

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Workshop Details


The Probate Summit

When: June 14, 2022

Where: HCC Ybor Performing Arts

1411 E. 11TH Ave Tampa Fl 33605

Time 6pm

Councilman Gudes and The Center presents the Probate summit. The panel will include representatives from The City of Tampa, County commissioners, Tax collector, and Property Appraiser as we address Probate Properties and Estate Planning  with the Attorney’s and Realtors in Tampa.

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June 18, 2022

Where: HCC Ybor Performing Arts

1411 E. 11TH Ave Tampa Fl 33605

Time 9AM

We will hear from our Tax Collector Nancy Milan and Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez with valuable information as homeowner’s!

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